Thursday, November 26, 2015

Ike Perry & The Lyrics


01  You Can Be My Honey
02  I Got You Covered 
03  Star Steps To Heaven 
04  Love Bugs Got Me
05  I'm Travelin' Light
06  My Honey Sweet Pea
07  In My Letter To You
08  You Belong To Me
09  It's Too Soon To Know
10  God Must Have Sent You To Me
11  Please Don't Send Me Away
12  Darling
13  How Does A Woman Love Her Man 
14  Lovin' Papa 
15  So Hard To Get Along 
16  The Side Wind
17  Don't Let It Get You Down
18  At The Party
19  She's Got His Nose Wide Open
20  Crying Over You
21  Down In The Alley