Friday, June 5, 2015

Bunky’s Picks – Sheppards


WestSide's Bunky's Picks is the best collection ever assembled of the Sheppards: an underappreciated and pioneering sextet from Chicago. Throughout these 25 songs, many doo wop traits surface, but it's hardly street-corner harmony. The instrumentation and vocal arrangements, and pop hooks; humor; flashes of blues guitar; sweet melodies; and strings; all combine in different ways to suggest the Chicago soul of the 60s. Based on these songs, it sounds as if they could have done anything; but they also manage to seem slightly behind and ahead of their time, so they didn't make waves at the time. Looking back, this is absolutely stellar music. Cocks wasn't kidding when he named this among the best albums 1980 had to offer. Bunky's Picks ranks among the best 1998 had to offer, too, and whenever you hear this for the first time, it will be among the best music you'll hear all year, too. (allmusic)

01  Come To Me
02  Loving You
03  Glitter In Your Eyes
04  Elevator Operator
05  Meant To Be
06  Every Now And Then 
07  Never Let Me Go 
08  Never Felt Like This Before 
09  Society Gal
10  Just When I Needed You Most 
11  Queen Of Hearts 
12  It's Crazy
13  Island Of Love
14  So In Need For Love
15  Tragic 
16  Give A Hug To Me
17  Forgotten 
18  Feel Like Lovin'
19  I'm Not Wanted
20  Come Home, Come Home
21  Just Like You
22  Your Love (Has Got A Hole In It)
23  Steal Away
24  What's The Name Of The Game 
25  Tragic (Echo Version)