Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Encore Of Golden Hits–Moonglows


Twenty tracks of vocal group excellence from the pioneers of blow harmony, a technique created by Harvey Fuqua involving the elongation of vowel sounds that contrasted the traditional doo-doo sound everybody else was doing. Like most '50s R&B groups, pop acts covered the Moonglows unmercifully, their "Sincerely" a beautiful doo wop/pop ballad aced the R&B charts but stopped at number 20 on the pop chart, while the McGuire Sisters' cover achieved gold status. Equally as exquisite is "Most of All," featuring a great lead from Bobby Lester; their original went to number five R&B, while Don Cornell's rehashing was a number 14 pop hit. The "Ten Commandments of Love," their most identifiable song, recorded as Harvey & the Moonglows, became their second most popular recording, reaching number nine R&B and number 22 pop. Other classics include "In My Diary" (which Fuqua recorded in the '60s with the Spinners); a slow, easy "Secret Love" (nothing like Billy Stewart's frantic '60s rendition); the wistful, innocent "We Go Together," the much-emulated "When I'm with You," and the out-of-character (for the Moonglows) "See Saw," (allmusic)

01  Ten Commandments Of Love 
02  Most Of All
03  In My Diary
04  We Go Together
05  See-Saw
06  When I'm With You
07  Love Is A River 
08  I Pray For Love 
09  The Beating Of My Heart
10  Bring My Baby Back (Hey) 
11  Just Lonely
12  In The Still Of The Night
13  Whistle My Love 
14  I've Got The Right To Love
15  Whistle My Love (Version 2) 
16  See-Saw (Version 2)
17  In The Still Of The Night (Version 2)
18  Sincerely 
19  Please Send Me Someone To Love 
20  Secret Love