Friday, February 6, 2015

40th Anniversary Edition – Skyliners


More than one person has called the Skyliners the greatest vocal group of all time, and although every act has their fans, that kind of praise is telling. The group's 1959 hit "Since I Don't Have You" is one of the most sublime, mood-setting singles of its era, and it's no wonder it has been so widely used in motion pictures. 40th Anniversary Collection is a two-disc set filled with 40 cross-licensed tracks that trace the group's history from the '50s through the '70s, including every chart hit along the way. The attention to detail makes this one of the best packages Collectables has assembled. Many buyers will be content with a simple best-of collection, but 40th Anniversary Edition is an excellent expanded anthology for those who want to take a closer look than a single disc can provide. (allmusic)

cd 1

01  Since I Don't Have You
02  One Night, One Night
03  This I Swear 
04  Tomorrow
05  It Happened Today
06  My Lonely Way
07  Lorraine From Spain
08  How Much
09  Pennies From Heaven
10  I'll Be Seeing You 
11  Happy Time
12  Believe Me
13  Stardust
14  Footsteps 
15  Tired Of Me
16  When I Fall In Love
17  Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
18  Warm
19  If I Loved You
20  I Can Dream, Can't I

cd 2

01  Blossoms To The Snow
02  The Door Is Still Open
03  I'll Close My Eyes 
04  Close Your Eyes 
05  Our Love Will Last 
06  Comes Love
07  Tell Me
08  I'd Die
09  Since I Fell For You
10  The Loser 
11  I Could Have Loved You So Well 
12  Where Have They Gone
13  The Day The Clown Cried
14  You're My Christmas Present 
15  Another Lonely New Year's Eve
16  Since I Don't Have You (outtake)
17  One Night, One Night (outtake) 
18  This I Swear (outtake)
19  My Lonely Way (outtake)
20  Tired Of Me (outtake)