Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dearest – Swallows

Dearest - 25 front

24 prime cuts by the most sophisticated of the early-'50s vocal harmony groups, one that was equally at home (like the Drifters) with tender ballads (the exquisite "Will You Be Mine") or flat-out rockers, including risque double-entendre classics like "It Ain't the Meat (It's the Motion)," an homage to the Dominoes' "Sixty Minute Man." Don't miss their languorous version of "I Only Have Eyes For You," which probably provided the template for the later and more famous version by the Flamingos. (allmusic)

01  Will You Be Mine
02  Dearest
03  Wishing For You 
04  Since You've Been Away
05  Eternally 
06  You Left Me
07  It Ain't The Meat
08  Roll Roll Pretty Baby 
09  Tell Me Why
10  Beside You
11  I Only Have Eyes For You 
12  Deed I Do 
13  You Walked In
14  Our Love Is Dying
15  Where Do I Go From Here
16  Nobody's Lovin' Me 
17  Please Baby Please 
18  Laugh (Though You Want To Cry) 
19  Trust Me
20  Will You Be Mine (alt)
21  Pleading Blues
22  I'll Be Waiting 
23  Bicycle Tillie
24  It Feels So Good