Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lost On Belmont Avenue – Roomates


Although the Roomates formed in 1987, and the 30 songs on this CD weren't recorded until about 20 years later, the sound is very much like that of a doo wop group of the late '50s and early '60s. The production is clear and certainly not at all lo-fi, but the simple instrumentation, upfront harmonies, and basic, catchy material could almost lead many listeners to mistake these for early-'60s recordings. As the very title of the record indicates, the quartet is very influenced by white East Coast doo wop groups such as Dion & the Belmonts, and those familiar with the form will also hear similarities to the Elegants, the Mystics, and the Earls. And to prove that they have actually listened to records postdating 1964, there are surprising covers of the Choir's mid-'60s pop-garage classic "It's Cold Outside" and Neil Young's "Wonderin'," arranged doo wop style. (allmusic)

01  Echoes Of The Past 
02  Searchin' For That Girl
03  I'm Not Your Baby Anymore
04  Internet Baby
05  Remember
06  One Little Star 
07  Late Last Night 
08  Once In A While 
09  It's Cold Outside
10  Two Shadows
11  The Girl That I Love
12  Havin' No Fun
13  Come On
14  She Won't Cry
15  Dance, Dance Girl
16  If You Got A Girl
17  Come Back Darling
18  Somebody Told Me
19  Human Angel
20  You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover
21  But You're Gone 
22  Wonderin' 
23  There's A Reason
24  You're Some Kinda Fool
25  Wow Wow Baby 
26  I'm Still Countin' 
27  He's Got You 
28  In This Song Again 
29  Would You Come Back
30  Problem Girl