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Lillian Leach and her group, the Mellows, never scored any huge doo wop hits, despite solid efforts, but remain revered among fans of the vocal group genre. The foursome -- in addition to Leach, an excellent female lead singer, their lineup included Harold Johnson, Johnny Wilson, and Norman Brown -- began recording in 1954 for Jay Dee, a small New York-based label owned by Joe Davis.
The Mellows recorded several songs for Jay Dee, including "How Sentimental Can I Be" in August 1954, "Smoke From Your Cigarette" in January 1955, and "I Still Care," issued in April 1955 and probably the high point of their career. They later moved over to Brooklyn's Celeste Records, covering classics like "Lucky Guy," "My Darling," "Sweet Lorraine" -- and a song called "I'm Gonna Pick Your Teeth With an Icepick" -- then moved over to Candlelight for one last single before disbanding a few years later. (allmusic)

01  How Sentimental Can I Be 
02  Nothin' To Do
03  Smoke From Your Cigarette
04  Pretty Baby, What's Your Name
05  Lovable Lilly
06  Yesterday's Memories
07  I Was A Fool To Let You Go
08  I Still Care 
09  Sweet Lorraine
10  My Darling
11  I'm Yours 
12  Lucky Guy 
13  Moon of Silver
14  You're Gone
15  So Strange
16  Be Mine
17  I'm Yours (acappella) 
18  Lucky Guy (acappella) 
19  I Call To You (acappella)
20  Sweet Lorraine (acappella)
21  My Darling (acappella)
22  You're Gone (acappella)
23  Ain't She Got Nerve (acappella)
24  I'm Gonna Pick Your Teeth With An Icepick (acappella)
25  When The Lights Go On Again (acappella)