Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tell Me You're Mine – Gaylords

CD1 2 - Front

Formed in Detroit, the group, featuring Ronnie Fredianelli, Burt Bonaldi and Don Rea, made number two in 1952 with their debut outing, "Tell Me You're Mine." Derived from an Italian ballad, the song was originally recorded as a disc to be sold at Bonaldi's father's store. The engineer on that session was impressed enough to help pitch the act to established labels, and the trio ended up with Mercury. After a couple more hits, Fredianelli was drafted into the Army, changed his name to Ronnie Gaylord, and began recording for Mercury as a solo vocalist. The Gaylords decided to keep going, recruiting Billy Christ as Ronnie's replacement. "From the Wine Came the Grape," "Isle of Capri," and "The Little Shoemaker" were all big hits for the Gaylords over the next couple of years. (allmusic)

cd 1

01  Tell Me You're Mine
02  Ramona 
03  Spinning A Web
04  The Strings Of My Heart
05  From The Vine Came The Grape
06  Stolen Moments
07  Isle Of Capri
08  Love I You (You I Love)
09  The Littel Shoemaker
10  Mecque, Mecque
11  Veni-Vidi-Vici
12  A Kiss To Call My Own 
13  Chow Mein 
14  My Babe
15  Without A Song
16  Lola (The Gondola Serenade) 
17  Blues My Naughty Sweety Gave To Me
18  Sweet Sue 
19  Vino Vino 
20  Wonderful Lips
21  Coquette
22  Cuban Love Song 
23  Aye Aye Aye
24  Happy Time Medley
25  Wonderin' 
26  Who's Got The Pain 
27  Chee Chee-Oo Chee (Sang The Litte Bird)

cd 2

01  Bring Me A Bluebird
02  No Arms Can Ever Hold You
03  Pupalina
04  Plantation Boogie
05  A Dollar, A Nickel And A Dime
06  Danger, Heartbreak Ahead 
07  Close Your Eyes 
08  Mambo Rock
09  Bella Bambinella
10  Molly-O
11  Who's Gonna Take You To The Prom
12  Madalaina 
13  First Row Balcony
14  One Night Only
15  A Little Love, A Litte Kiss 
16  The Mountain Climber
17  Oh, I'm Lonely
18  Cuddle Me 
19  Marcheta (A Love Song Of Old Mexico) 
20  I Won't Believe It 
21  Wow!
22  My Heart Is Free Again
23  One A Two Time More
24  Oh, Love Of Mine
25  Pledging Mylobe 
26  Bring Back My Baby To Me 
27  Signora Fortuna (Lady Of Fortune)