Saturday, October 11, 2014

These Golden Rings – Turbans


The Turbans were among the first Philadelphia-based R&B outfits to achieve national recognition. They emerged in 1955 out of a local R&B scene that had previously been dominated by such tenor-led groups as the Castelles, the Capris, and the Dreams. They headed to New York and signed to Al Silver's Herald Records, where they cut their first record late in 1955. It was the B-side, the up-tempo "When You Dance," that caught on with DJs and ended up charting nationally, thus giving The Turbans the opportunity to tour the East Coast. Their second single had a similar fate, the B-side, "Sister Sookie," supplanting the more mellow A-side, "I'll Always Watch Over You," on radio station turntables and play lists and becoming a regional hit. (allmusic)

01  These Golden Rings 
02  This Is My Story
03  I'm Not Your Fool Anymore
04  Sister Sookey's Back
05  All She Wants To Do Is Dance
06  The Damage Is Done 
07  Clicky Clicky Clack
08  Diamonds And Pearls
09  Do You Feel Like I Feel
10  Lament Of Silver Gulch
11  Six Questions
12  I Promise You Love 
13  Donna Kimberley 
14  Bad Man
15  Hey Now
16  I'm Not Your Fool Anymore (Alt)
17  I Wonder
18  Three Friends
19  Curfew Time
20  Gettin' Into Something
21  Come Back Don't Go 
22  When You Dance
23  It's All Over