Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Remember – Velours


The Velours were originally from the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn and although they never scored any major chart hits, they are fondly remembered for their variety of vocal group romantic ballads, novelty numbers, and up-tempo jump and rockin' songs.
Original members tenor Jerome "Speedo" Ramos," John Cheetom (first tenor), Donald Heywood (second tenor), Kenneth Walker (baritone), and Marvin Holland (bass) came together in the mid-'50s and began recording for the newly formed Onyx label in June of 1956. Their first single, "My Love Come Back," (1956) failed to hit. In the spring of 1957, the group issued their biggest record, a ballad called "Can I Come Over Tonight." Other singles included during the late '50s included "Blue Velvet," "This Could Be the Night," "Romeo," "Remember," and "Crazy Love." (allmusic)

01  Can I Come Over Tonight
02  This Could Be The Night
03  Crazy Love
04  My Love Come Back
05  What You Do To Me
06  Romeo
07  Tired Of Your Rock & Rollin'
08  Little Sweetheart
09  I Promise 
10  Rmember
11  I'll Never Smile Again
12  Where There's A Will
13  Hands Across The Table
14  Honey Drop
15  Blue Velvet
16  Lover Come Back 
17  Daddy Warbucks
18  Sweet Sixteen
19  Lonely One
20  Can I Walk You Home